Ashwagandha – The Ayurveda Cure Increasingly Supported By Science

ashwagandha scienceAshwangandha has long been recognized as a miracle cure for many ailments in Ayurveda; being primarily used for balancing Vata and relieving stress. Now, science is also recognizing its benefits. To date, over 200 studies and research projects have been conducted to determine and verify its effects for various problems. As you can see from some of these studies highlighted below, it is increasingly being accepted by the scientific community as a legitimate medical cur.

Cancer treatment and support for recovery

One of the prominent properties of Ashwagandha is that it has regenerative effects, and the ability to repair old, worn –out cells. Keeping this property in mind, many experiments have been conducted to verify if this is useful against tumor cells.

According to experiments conducted by the Horticulture department of the Michigan State University, it acts as a growth inhibitor for cancer cells. They cultivated breast, lung and colon cancer cells in the laboratory. They were, then, exposed to an Ashwagandha extract. The results showed that they stopped tumour cells from regenerating. In comparison with a chemotherapeutic drug, called doxorubicin, it was observed that withaferin- extracted from this herb; was seen more potent for fighting the cell growth in cancer. Scientists provide following reasons to support this:

  • It destroys the reproduction cycle of the cells; as a result preventing it from spreading.
  • Another analysis showed that it has anti-angiogenic properties. This means that stops cancer from following special blood vessels, which support its rapid growth.

Neural enhancement and protection

Different studies were conducted to study its effects on different problems. Some of them are described below:

  • For anxiety: The primary reason for this herb being prescribed is its ability to cure stress, and reduce degenerative problems- occurring in the nervous system. Several studies prove that its ability to relieve anxiety is up to par with many commonly used drugs for this purpose.
  • For stress: According to the study conducted by Nutrgenesis in 2005, it was deduced that it not only helps reduce stress; but also makes a person more energetic, insomnia reduction, increase in self-satisfaction and maintenance of normal sugar level of the blood. The comprehensive study was conducted on people; with high cortisol in the blood- which is known as a stress inducer.
  • Nerve cell regeneration: nerve cells have three basic parts; out these, two are responsible for the conduction of nerve impulse; that is, axon and dendrite. If these are destroyed, the cell becomes ineffective. According to the research being conducted for 5 years at the Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, it helps in the regeneration of this, as well as promoting the growth of new and old cells.

Solution to kidney problems

Major kidney problems occur when there is a high amount of toxins in the blood. This is a condition quite probable when the body is dehydrated. This, as a result, puts oxidative stress on the body, especially the kidneys, to remove all these unwanted substances from the body. In order to study the effect of Ashwagandha on this type of stress, and minimizing the extent of damage- caused by it, the Department of Physiology, Raja N. L. Khan Women’s College in India conducted an analysis on male rats. Dehydration was induced in the body of the rats, by artificially removing water from their bodies. The presence of the oxidative stress was confirmed by the reduced activity of catalase and dismutase enzymes. The animals were divided in three groups. Group 1 and 3 were given Ashwagandha in different forms. It was seen that the performance of the enzymes was normal in both groups. This proved that it is a great anti-oxidant.

More research is being conducted on this Ayurvedic cure, as well as others, but the current statistics show it to be effective for a tremendously wide range of disorders. You can click here for discounted supplements.


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